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05 03 DB Separating Truth From Fiction With Employees - News

Separating Truth From Fiction With Employees

Philip Maltin, who was discussing the ways of spotting liars at the Society for Human Resource Management’s Skill Monitoring Conference & Exposition, began by explaining how we can misread some signs when trying to spot liars in the workplace. According to Maltin,...

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18 05 DB Tips for Protecting Your Small Business 1 94124 400x250 - News

How to Keep Your Small Business Protected

While most larger companies have entire departments dedicated to the protection of their business, smaller businesses are often left to tackle unique risks without the same extent of protective resources. No matter the size of your business, protection should be a top...

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06 04 PP Your Credit and Home Insurance Costs 1 416321 400x250 - News

Your Credit and Home Insurance Costs

Poor credit report does not just affect just what you’ll pay on your home loan. It can cost you thousands of bucks in higher home insurance coverage sets you back too, inning accordance with a brand-new research. In fact, house owners with “bad,” or below-average,...

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Small Business Lawsuit Trends 357030 400x250 - News

Small Business Lawsuit Trends

In 2008, U.S. small businesses paid $105.4 billion in tort liability costs according to the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.  It’s a number we can assume has continued to grow, with more than 100 million lawsuits filed in our nation’s courts every year. From...

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Insurance Coverage as Your Car Ages 2 655505 400x250 - News

Insurance Coverage as Your Car Ages

In order to legally operate your motor vehicle in the U.S., you must have a car insurance policy in place. The minimum requirements for bodily injury and property damage liability vary by state and must be considered when selecting insurance coverage. These minimums...

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1703 DB 2 Creating an Energized Workforce 1 106208 400x250 - News

How to Create an Energized Work Force

  The notion of a 40-hour workweek is disappearing for many. 50+ hour work-weeks have become common. Many individuals go so far as to sleep with their iPhones turned on so they can respond instantly, 24/7, as needed. The biggest problem with this is that it leads to...

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07 03 DB Cyber Insurance What is it Do You Need it 1 87049 400x250 - News

Cyber Insurance: What is it? Do You Need it?

Technological advancements have revolutionized the way online advertisements, promotions, and shopping are done. This has brought immense benefits to companies, who have now found new ways to interact with the existing and potential buyers. The opportunity offered by...

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1704 DB 1 So how much business insurance do you need 1 77468 400x250 - News

The Basics of Commercial Insurance

  Running a business requires a lot from the average entrepreneur. Beyond selling a product or service, there are multiple responsibilities to manage behind the scenes. Bookkeeping, inventory, licensing and more are all part of entrepreneurship and take time to...

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18 03 PP Tips on Finding Home Insurance Savings 1 79936 400x250 - News

Tips on Finding Home Insurance Savings

Have an apartment or a house? You naturally need home insurance. The challenge is most people get home insurance and then ignore it. The thing is, as time goes by your living situation changes. You may acquire more things like jewelry or art. You may make improvements...

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snow winter christmas deer 1024x576 1 338417 400x250 - News

Watch Out for Deer

  Fall is here in full effect and Winter is on its way. With the red and golden landscapes, hot cider and crisp air comes an increase in car insurance claims due to animal-related crashes, especially from deer. November is the peak month for deer-related crashes...

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1703 PP 2 Credit Insurance 69248 400x250 - News

Credit insurance scores poorly…

Many kinds of credit lines and installment loans offer credit insurance. These products are designed to “protect” an individual’s credit score by covering installment payments in case of certain qualifying situations. Sadly these tend to be overpriced according to...

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Prevent Common Household Leaks 2 289484 400x250 - News

Prevent Common Household Leaks

  It’s no secret that household water leaks are bad for the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average household leaks more than 10,000 gallons of water every year. To put that into perspective, your own home may be wasting enough...

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