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All-Terrain Vehicles

 Quality Insurance for ATV’s and Other Toys

What toys do you enjoy in your spare time? Do you own a motorcycle or Four Wheeler? No matter what you own, even boats and motorcycles; or perhaps Antique Autos are more your thing? First Insurance Agency has a variety of insurance partners for all of your fun things.

One of our owners even grew up enjoying the local ranch life, so we fully understand the fun & safety which is afforded & required by ATV (All-Terrain Vehicles) & UTV (Utilitarian Vehicles) alike. This still holds true for the avid golfers as well, who also enjoy life “off road” & the “gamble” of the game! Be sure your ATVs and Golf Carts are protected, at the right price.

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You see, this particular owner of First Insurance began his adventurous youth on nothing more than a mere hand built, hand-me-down pedal car. Eventually growing into a Power Wheels (battery operated) 3 Wheeler and finding a true “go cart” obsession after that. Hegraduated into, getting an all electric GO Golf Car, which of course had to have a fully enclosed plastic cover, for fishing! Ultimately this lead him right into the ATV world! He continued on to spent many hours behind a Honda Four Trax 4×4 with a utility bucket & wench – all the way up to a Yamaha Blaster 2 stroke ATV! However, even in his youth, throughout this time, he kept Safety first & always obeyed the rules of the road and took precautions to maintain adequate safety features; like personal protective gear (including an ASE Certified Helmet). So no matter what your needs for off road passionare, trust First Insurance Agency to get you there….and Beyond!…

Even though many companies advertise as “toy specialist”; not all coverage and pricings are the same. This is where the experienced team at First Insurance Agency of the Hill Country and can help you navigate the rough and windy terrains of ATV Insurance, Golf Cart Insurance, or Motorcycle Insurance. For example, did you know that while manycompanies offer Motorcycle Insurance, there can be a big difference between companies who prefer high performance or speed bikes, than those who prefer cruiser bikes or classics like a Harley Davidson? Many companies prefer to mainly insure boats, yet still advertise as “toy insurance companies” anyway. Don’t hit a road bump or a pit fall, with your insurance needs.

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Maybe you’re more of a two wheel person? As noted in the example above, we’ve partnered with many motorcycle insurance specialists at First Insurance Agency. We can accommodate anything from high speed, high performance Suzuki’s and Kawasaki’s to cruiser bikes and Harley Davidson’s. Even luxury bikes like Gold Wings and BMW’s are no worries for our team at First Insurance Agency. We even have a partner who specializes in antique military motorcycle memorabilia, how cool is that!?

Did you know, one of our owners was an avid motorcycle rider too? He had a multitude of various motorcycles, including a Yamaha Vision, but his all time favorite were a pair of Honda 450’s. So don’t just trust anyone, or any old website, for your unique toyinsurance needs. Call First Insurance Agency today, where we’re experienced in what we sell and protect; giving you the best protection for your fun toy, at a fun price!

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