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Commercial Insurance

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Contractors: Get an instant competitive quote and get insured in real-time!

We can handle all types of commercial insurance needs.

From offices, store fronts, & restaurants…to commercial rental buildings & heavy manufacturing operations; First Insurance has partnered with the industry leaders to match your budget & needs to properly protect your commercial operations.
Has anyone reviewed the details of your policy’s coverage recently? Have you asked your agent about potential gaps and what the cost would be to protect against them? Various alternative coverages are highly recommended by First Insurance, for all of our commercial customers’ insurance needs. Details like, Employment Practices Liability Insurance, which specifically helps protect business owners from employee related claims, like wrong termination and sexual discrimination or harassment. What about Data Breach or Cyber Liability coverages?
Have you discussed your need for Worker’s Compensation Insurance? This helps protect business owners from employee injuries on the job, and potential law suit claims, if you elect to carry this coverage. By the way, Texas is one of the few states left, where this specific coverage is still optional. However, most agents fail to advise you that if you choose to “opt out” of this valuable protection, the business owner is supposed to notify the State and file a Texas form as such, annually. Have you done one, or the other, yet? Visit our quote request page, so we can put our various Workers Compensation partners to work for you, today!

Maybe you own a rental or event facility operation?

Did you know that tenants who lease your premises or venue; often do not have adequate, or perhaps any, insurance protection? Do you require them to provide proof of insurance, and sign liability waivers to utilize your venue? First Insurance Agency works with all types of special event insurance needs! We help guide several of the local event venues with their insurance needs. Additionally, we have helped many families and individuals, look to rent a facility, obtain proper coverage for their special event. From birthday parties and quinceanera’s, to weddings and beyond; First Insurance Agency can help ensure the excitement of your day, remains on our event. We’ve even insured the 4th of July fireworks as part of the annual event for the City of Kerrville.

Speaking of Fun, did you know that often you will need a separate coverage for any commercial business or special event, involving alcohol? Liquor Liability Insurance is something that is often necessary, if not required. 

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We have companies that specialize in Liquor Liability coverage and can offer this protection on a stand-alone basis; or we have many companies that can include it on your insurance package, such as for Bars, Restaurants, and Hospitality Operations.

No insurance is “standard”, necessarily & you should never buy insurance solely based on pricing alone. Cheap insurance (of any kind) is generally a sign of gaps in coverages that could leave you or your business operations vulnerable. Let’s be honest, much like your house insurance, you’ve worked hard to build your business & just like ours, small businesses are the backbone our U.S. Economy; don’t leave yours unprotected,

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