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Home Insurance

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You’ve worked hard to earn your belongings, so let us work hard to protect them for you! Whether it’s you house, your personal belongings, or your valuables – trust First Insurance Agency to adequately cover them. We advise all of our customers as friends & family, because unlike other agencies, we understand it’s not just “stuff”, it’s your livelihood & we’re here to keep it that way!

Take a look at a this video from Travelers; who’s one of the many companies we’ve partnered with, simply because they too understand our shared values, when it comes to protecting other people’s most valued possessions! Let First Insurance Agency work for you, as hard as you have already worked, for your belongings!

Not all policies are created equal & at First Insurance Agency, we’ll help you match unique & specific coverages, with your budget in mind. We know the value of coverages, along with the benefits of savings. For instance, did you know that there’s often special “limits” or “caps” on the amount your policy will pay for certain “high value” or “specialized” items for your personal property? Often this can be a low as $500 and this limit, while common amongst most companies, does vary in amount allowed and coverage provided. Some more common limitations, but not all, include Guns, Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Artwork, Furs, and Coin collections.

If you have any amount of these items in your home, be sure to call and talk to us about them, and the options we can provide for you, to get the best coverage.

Do you know what your home is worth, in terms of insurance cost?

Often the “cheapest insurance” is not the “best coverage” and you may only have an Actual Cash Value policy for your house. That means, in the event of a claim, the insurance company will deduct a factor for depreciation of your house value; and you will not get the full replacement cost refund back (both of which are subject to your deductible also). Many factors play a role in the cost of your house insurance, besides your actual house value. Location (address), proximity of fire and theft protection resources, construction type/style/material, as well as the age of your home and roof; can all impact the cost of your house insurance policy. Additionally you have to consider the use of your home. Is it your primary residence? Or perhaps it’s now become a rental income property? Maybe it’s a secondary residence, or seasonal/vacation home. At First Insurance Agency, we can match a policy to any of your home insurance needs. We also offer stand alone renters policies, which provide many of the same valuable coverages you need, only w/out the added cost of insuring your home structure and its value.

Do you know what it’s protected against, for a claim, or not?

The majority of insurance companies today, offer a “special form” or “open peril” policy contact. Generally speaking, that means your house and personal belongings are insured against any cause of loss, unless it’s specifically excluded from your policy, prior to the loss occurring. However, there are also policies available, known as “broad form” and “basic form” which are actually a “named peril” policy contract. These have a purpose as well, and are valuable tools available to you; but the difference is, you are now subject to a “list of damages” that must occur, in order for your claim to be covered. In other words, rather than a list of exclusions only; you’re now subject to a list of covered perils only, which often can include many of the same exclusions, additionally. As an example, a very common exclusion, found almost universally on all types of home insurance policies, is a Flood Exclusion.

Here’s a really cool video from Travelers also, that helps identify the common parts of a homeowner’s policy:

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