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Car Insurance – “what is it?” “Why do I need it?” & “Why is it so expensive?”

Don’t fret, the agent specialists at First Insurance Agency are here to help and walk you through each step of these valuable, often mandatory, and much needed protections. Don’t rely on a talking animal, or a chat bot on a website; take a minute out of your day to sit down and talk with one of our agents, face to face, one on one, and we’ll answer all your questions. Let us be your go to resource, for all things auto insurance related, in Kerrville, Comfort, and the surrounding hill country area. Call us to review your coverage and obtain multiple free comparison options.

Call us to review your coverage and obtain multiple free comparison options.

We know why you need it, because it’s illegal to operate a vehicle in Texas with out at least the minimum limits of liability; due to the state’s motor vehicle financial responsibility laws. “So what?” So, that means that the state requires you to carry, at a minimum, liability insurance on your car. This coverage only protects the other drivers on the road, incase you are determined to have an “at fault accident”. This does not provide any coverage for your vehicle, or any coverage for a hit and run type scenario; it’s strictly the minimal coverage you’re legally required to carry; set to a state minimum limit or amount. As with most state minimum, it’s never really enough, so for added protection and your safety; First Insurance Agency has adopted a policy to only provide insurance options starting at a minimum of $50,000 bodily injury liability per person / $100,000 bodily injury liability per accident / $50,000 property damage liability (often shown as “$50/$100/$50” or “$50,000/$100,000/$50,000”. Uninsured and Underinsured coverage; often shown as UM/UIM also include their own property damage liability limits but only protect you if the “at fault” party to the accident does not have any insurance (which is illegal) or perhaps does not have enough insurance to cover the damages (UIM).

One of the most underutilized, and we think under appreciated coverages, is Medical Payment and Personal Injury Protection. Both function similarly to how they sound, and the primary objective is to provide reimbursement from injuries or medial bills you sustain; resulting from the use of your covered auto. These are often referred to as your “no-fault” coverages; because they can be applied regardless of who was “at fault” for the injuries; unlike the liability insurance we discussed above. There’s also many differences between the two and we recommend careful review and discussion of options, on both, to see which fits your individual needs.

Now we know what it is, sort of. We also know that at First Insurance we’ve partnered with over a dozen specialized auto insurance companies. We’re your one stop shop and we’ll work with you, to provide tailored options (with in your budget) to find you the best deal possible in the market place with our companies. Even better, it doesn’t stop there! We’ll continually work to monitor your insurance renewals, free, on your behalf and if you want to check other options or rates again – at any time – just give us a call at (830) 896 – 2400 and we’ll gladly assist you. It’s free to check, and you have nothing to loose.

If you want to check other options or rates again – at any time – just give us a call

“What else can it do for me?”

Well, I’m glad you asked; we often (erroneously) hear the term “full coverage” used as well. Generally that’s someone advising that they would like to add coverage, to protect against damages to their own car also; not just liability only. This is generally protected by purchasing “comprehensive” (or comp) coverage and/or “collision” coverage; both having their own individual deductibles associated with them. People often don’t realize that this is typically still settled on an “Actual Cash Value” (not new car replacement cost type coverage) even when added to your policy. Now of course there are special circumstances available; most commonly if you have an antique, classic, or collector car policy you can be eligible for “replacement cost” perhaps – but you can read more about that, over here:
There are also a few companies that offer “new car replacement coverage” if you have policy where you’ve purchased physical damage coverage also. However, these are often limited, and added cost on your policy, and typically only available under certain situations; such as one or two year models from the current vehicle – or perhaps only if you purchase the current vehicle as a “brand new” car, etc. While many consider this to be “adding full coverage” have you thought about if your vehicle breaks down? Would you like towing coverage to cover the cost to get it to the nearest repair facility? Many companies have now even branched out and rebranded this coverage “Roadside Assistance” which not only covers flat tires; they’ll help with dead batteries, running out of gas, and locking your keys in your car also. If you only have one vehicle, and it’s in the repair facility for a week, how do you plan on getting around until it’s fixed? “What about rental car reimbursement?” “Oh yeah that’s important too!”.
This is only a small over-view of the complex world of car insurance. Don’t get lost in translation however, rely on this summation, or take it from a talking animal on TV; let our knowledgeable agents guide you through the benefits of these coverages, and more, with a free price comparison analysis.

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