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Bond!... Not as in 007

Bond!… Not as in 007…

But as in a legally binding contract that ensures a set obligation(s), will be met between three pre-determined parties. First Insurance Agency has a wide variety of Bonds available & we’ve partnered with multiple Bond companies, who each specialize in their industries, to provide you multiple bond prices, and secure the best deal for you.

We offer Vehicle bonds, if the Texas DMV says you have to acquire a bond, perhaps for title issues, or maybe your a car dealership & need a dealers bond? We have Notary Public & Official bonds, if you hold a public or civil office, and must be bonded; or perhaps you need to Notarize official legal documents & must obtain a Notary Public Bond? Did you know that First Insurance Agency has 3 certified notaries available also? We generally have at least 1 notary available, for free for all our clients, at both our Kerrville & Comfort locations. Set up an appointment today for any of your notary or bonding needs.

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Bonds Insurance

Were you aware that there are major differences between insurance and bonds? They are not the same thing. Bonds are actually a form of credit, not a transfer of your risk (to an insurance company). They’re often mistaken for the other, as they both involve an upfront cost or expense, and both are purchased to pay out in case of a claim; but the method of a claim and resulting settlements can be very different. For example, we offer theft bonds, often required or purchased by those who have access to other’s goods and property; these are also known as Janitorial Bonds, as often cleaning companies and other similar organizations will purchase these theft bonds; however, they will often include a requirement for a conviction of a theft offense, before they will pay out any settlements or claims. Often in many other forms of bonds, if there is a settlement or claim paid, the bonding company can actually go back against the person whom the bond is for, in order to recover those lost funds: unlike in Insurance where the cost of the policy (premium) is all the company is owed and they cannot go back against the Named Insured to reclaim lost money paid. Don’t get confused by bonds, or assume they’re “all the same”

Besides Theft or Janitorial bonds, we also provide license & permit bonds for all types of construction projects, or civil license, needs. We have credit and mortgage bonds for the financial industries. We also have a vast amount of guardian and probate bonds, for all types of custodial or estate needs you may have. We may not be 007 Agents under cover, but don’t let bonding secretes scare you away. All bonds are individually priced and come with their own requirements; so don’t just assume your current bond (or renewal offer) is the “best”.

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