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Protect Against Cyber Attacks

Security estimates suggest over half of U.S. companies have been hacked this year. If that number sounds alarming, it’s because it should be. Often, companies go to lengths keeping breaches discreet, contributing to an illusion of rarity. This helps protect the...

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Six Top Tips for Home Protection

A big part of owning your own home, or even renting a property, is protecting it and your personal belongings inside. If you’re concerned about home protection, then here are six of the best tips that you need to keep your home and belongings safe from harm: Change...

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Cut Healthcare Costs without Cutting Benefits

  According to PwC’s Health Research Institute, medical costs in the U.S. will increase 6.5 percent in 2016. Benefit plan changes, such as narrower provider rangers and higher deductibles, will reduce the increase to 4.5 percent, though many consumers and the...

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Should You Install Electronic Door Locks?

Traditional house keys may soon go the way of rotary phones thanks to new lock technology. From fingerprint sensors to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled systems, keyless entry products are rapidly transforming the way Americans secure the doors to their homes. Are these...

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What is The Ultimate Guerilla Marketing Tactic?

Amazon gets it. So does Salesforce. So does Etrade. Tesla? Yep, they get it too. Virtually all companies that exist mostly or solely online already understand how critical successful Internet marketing is to the bottom line. Yet for small businesses, there seems to be...

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Adding a Teen Driver? Do This

Recent findings by experts in the insurance industry show that the cost of including a teen on a car insurance policy is decreasing. A few years ago, including a teen driver on one’s auto insurance would have added about 85% to one’s policy only 5 years ago....

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Driving without Insurance Dont 1 1 63017 400x250 - News

Driving without Insurance Don’t!

If you’re a driver in the US, or many countries for that matter, you are required by law to have car insurance. Driving without car insurance is illegal, and for a very good reason. Although a technical US exception is New Hampshire, where drivers don’t have to have...

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The Basics of Business Insurance

Entrepreneurs have a lot to think about. It’s understandable if some have yet to obtain adequate commercial insurance for their small business. Some may grab policies off the shelf, while others may lack coverage completely. Businesses are subject to many of the same...

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Financial Dangers of a Natural Disaster

Fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes, high winds, hail and lightning… Mother Nature has some serious weapons in her arsenal, and she’s not afraid to use them. With extreme weather becoming more common in many parts of the country, every home is likely at risk of...

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Hacking on The Rise

It is estimated that over half the companies currently operating in the United States have been the victim of cyber-attacks within the past year. 53% to be exact, according to a recent study completed by cyber-insurance carrier the Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB)...

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What That New Car Really Costs…

If you’re looking to buy a new car, there’s an awful lot of factors to consider in addition to the purchase price, and ensuring that you can afford them all is an essential part of the car-buying process. Here we list some factors to consider when buying a new car!...

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